HPI – Big Bore Aluminum Shock Set


The HPI Big Bore Aluminum Shock Set is a four shock conversion set that makes Savage trucks handle better, reduces maintenance time, and looks great too! The set is lighter, stronger, and smoother than the stock Savage shocks. Oversized shock shafts and hard anodized aluminum shock bodies deliver extra strength, while PTFE pistons, silicone bladders and titanium nitride coated shafts combine for smoother suspension movement and extra traction on bumpy surfaces.

The Big Bore Aluminum Shock Set includes 4 high performance coilover shocks with springs. It comes preassembled and fits all Savage trucks and includes 3 different piston sets, a variety of preload spacers, complete instructions and all of the hardware needed for installation.

These shocks are preassembled but do not include oil.

We recommend HPI Pro Silicone Shock Oil:
86951 Pro Silicone Shock Oil 10wt
86953 Pro Silicone Shock Oil 20wt
86955 Pro Silicone Shock Oil 30wt




Source : HPI

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