HB – Cyclone D4 WCE World Championship Edition Kit


New Cyclone D4 WCE with Several Improvements!

The Cyclone D4 was the surprise hit of 2007. When it was first announced, racers were unsure what to expect, however with the success of the Cyclone Touring Car, they knew the Cyclone D4 would be something special! At major off-road races around the world, it enjoyed great success and a swarm of spectators wherever it went, as racers were eager to see what this new electric 4WD buggy could do.

At the 2007 IFMAR Off-Road Worlds, several option parts were used by the HB team drivers, including the drivers who made it into the A Final – the fastest electric 4WD buggy drivers in the world! The wide range of options throughout the car each had incremental updates and modifications that made the Cyclone D4 easier to drive and faster on the demanding Japanese off-road circuit.

We are proud to announce the Cyclone D4 World Championship Edition Kit, which includes the base Cyclone D4 kit with all the options used by the team in Japan:

  • New Main Chassis – optimized weight balance
  • New Front & Rear Shock Towers – tougher and more crash-resistant
  • New Front & Rear Shocks – more consistent and easier to build
  • New Slipper Clutch design – easy to externally adjust slipper tightness
  • New Front Arms for extra strength
  • New Lower Wing Mounts for extra top speed


New Front End Parts

The front end of the Cyclone D4 WCE has been heavily strengthened for use by top racers in the roughest of conditions. Extra material has been added to the front arms to withstand crashes, bad traffic and rough landings. The bumper is wider for extra protection of the hinge pins, and both front and rear shock towers have been modified with more material around the mounting screws to make them stronger in flips and crashes.

New Slipper Clutch Design

The original slipper clutch design has been heavily modified to allow external adjustment of the slipper action without having to remove the slipper clutch from the chassis. Simply access the clutch through the upper deck and you’re off!

New Shock Absorbers

All four shocks are new also, with modifications made for easier oil bleeding for extra smoothness, longevity and less maintenance. Bleeding screws make rebuilds fast, everything is hard-anodized for extra strength.


Source : HB/HPI

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