KO Propo – VFS-1 PRO BMC


Ko-Propo has been known for many years as a top-of-the-line Japanese rc brand, making transmitters, servos, electric speed controllers and many more. Ko-Propo has served the world leading technology of ESCs and won many races like the World Championships of the past four years. Brushless racing is known bigger than ever and will be certainly the choice at the World Championship in Thailand.

Therefore has Ko-Propo introduced their first brushless electric speed controller at the Toy Fair in Germany. There’s not much information about this ESC at this stage, but we are certain that it will be a winner! Stay tuned for some detailed information about this ESC and the rest of the new products at the Toy Fair in Germany.

Picture Source: http://forum.el-me.gr/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=121

Source : rctouring.eu 

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