Yatabe Arena Int’l Off-Road GP 2008 – report from HPI


Cyclone D4 WCE
2008 YATABEARENA Internation OFF-ROAD Grad-Prix
WIN Achieve!!

February 9-10, 2008 held in the Yatabe arena (Ibaraki Prefecture Tsukuba city) on the tenth Team HB enters YATABEARENA Internationl OFF-ROAD Grand-Prix because of cyclonic D4 WCE.
Matsuzaki Hayato who became the first race after internally to a lot of participation of the successive world champion and champion National remarkable most declares professional. Race..method..do..top..goal..really..Matsuzaki..Hayato..professional..racer..first match..total victory..accomplish.

– Point calc method: 2WD and 4WD are done by each the fourth round and the eighth total round. The sixth round is made an effective point (Kijun is point → 1st place: one point) in the eighth round, and the player with a little the most much total point emerges as victor.






Source : HPI

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