Atsushi Hara – Twister 2.3 ESC


Twister series final Weapon of strongest Brush ESC. The latest mechanism that improves power and reliability further raises .
Of course, 2.3 exclusive uses on which an original charity works are pre-installed to the frequency program. Please give the super-actual combat type profile that suppresses the pain in the commutator to the minimum while drawing out power to its maximum to me skilled.

Various functions

– Equipped with drive frequency and others and various and setting and changeability systems
The setting change is possible multi setting adaptor VFS-1 card set (optional made of the Kondo science) or for personal computer and ICS PC interface VFS-1 (optional made of the Kondo science).
– The whole area of the drive frequency throttle becomes independent by 64 steps (0.93-12KHz) and is changeable possible in division into 32 and each section.
– The FET drive frequency for the brake is changeable possible according to this model of the frequency of the brake. Smooth deceleration touch that behavior doesn’t fall into disorder is obtained.
– OFF in a neutral area of the neutral brake throttle. The brake power of 50% or less can be set in detail in 100 stages.
– The service voltage limit value because of not becoming of the control of the servo when the voltage of the battery has descended in the latter half of the power saving voltage function race impossibility can be set by five stages. If it is a combination with the latest servo made of Kondo science & receiver along with strengthening of the booster circuit, the lowest value of 2.3V can be selected. The light and shade of the match is divided by effectively using the battery to the last minute by can the low setting.
– Eco-orchis slightly done by the tip of a finger of current limiter. Instead, this power control is done. It is possible to adjust it within the range of turning off or 40A-260A.

Race Results
07JMRCA all-Japan championship super-expert class victory, 3rd place, and 8th
place ..’.. acquisition


Maximum current/3120A at moment(FET spec)
Continuous, maximum current/780A(FET spec)
The turn number is unrestricted. (With the motor for a car on the market EP. )
Suit for EP
Input Voltage / 4.8〜8.4V
Drive frequency/T2.3 exclusive use field charity original program pre-install
(Ship it. )
Size / 28.0×25.0×14.4mm
Weight / 18.8g(Main Body Only)
Carbon Body spec

Source : Mirage Racing Japan

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