Shinwa – Delta Max 7700 AC/DC Charger


RCD-4035 ΔMAX7700 AC/DC

It sends and it supports it from a single cell such as the Nicad nickel hydrogen, the lithium ion lithium Polymer lithium ferrites, and lead acid batteries to / receiver and the power battery widely with this one.

An attached connector is enhanced, too.
ï½¥7.2V connector
ï½¥Booster connector
ï½¥Receiver battery connector(Futaba and Sanwa and KO each company
commonness of JR)
ï½¥Plug connector for transmitter
ï½¥Dean Ztaipconecta
ï½¥12V input DC code(removable type)
ï½¥AC/DC switching power supply(power station)

Source : Shinwa

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