Tamiya Japan – 2008 March New Products


49489 – Willcom Advan Vemac 408R (TA05-IFS Chassis)

Available : Mar 22, 2008

  • The machine which disputes the champion being the RC car to last game in the super GT300 class 2007, it is appearance.
  • Arranging the spur gear on the center, it converts the driving belt front and back isometrically, adopting the TA05-IFS chassis which makes front suspension inboard type.
  • The aerodynamic effect where the poly- mosquito body which reproduces the actual car that way low nose is high is produced.


48205 – German Panther Type G Late Version (w/4ch Control Unit)

Available : Mar 22, 2008

  • The panther G type which participated as a Main Battle Tank of the German troop of great war final period. With precise reappearance it can enjoy the reality fully running.
  • Turret revolution and the gun top and bottom are possible in addition to moving back and forth and left and right revolution and pivot-turn.
  • As for the 4ch transmitter the compact button type which it is easy to operate.
  • Preparing 6 bands of the FM27MHz band. If the crystal is different, also simultaneous travelling at 6 units is possible.


58406 – Porsche Cayenne S Transsyberia 2007 – RC Car Series No.406

Available : Mar 22, 2008

  • Severe rally of travel distance 6200km, it is the RC model of Porsche Cayenne S which was developed in order to participate to trance Siberia 2007.
  • The forum only of the snorkel and the roof lamp and the rally machine which equips the rear wing reality reappearance.
  • You adopt the shaft drive 4WD chassis whose reliability is high, building in the diff. gear to the direct vent system gear box front and back.


56319 – 1/14 RC Big Truck Series No.19 – 3-Axle Reefer Semi-Trailer

Available : Mar 29, 2008

  • It is optimum to the connection with the 1/14RC trailer head of SCANIA R470 and the like, it is the trailer of 3 axial 6 wheel type of main current in Europe.
  • Mechanical reproducing the underside of 3 axes to real in addition to series longest force.
  • As for the panel the ABS resin make whose strength is high. You prepared also the sticker for the large-sized marking.
  • When docking it equips also the retractable landing gear which is received.


56712 – 1/12 TamTech-Gear Lamborghini Countach LP500S

Available : Mar 29, 2008

  • Putting out from the box, the completion model of Lamborghini Countach LP500S which it can run directly.
  • The over fender and the forum of the force which equips the rear wing raise the charm of running.
  • As for chassis GT-01 of rear wheel drive. Loading TEU-102BK, smooth speed control is possible.
  • You set also the transmitter, the battery and the charger of wheel type.


57773 – 1/10 XB Mini Cooper S 2006

Available : Mar 22, 2008

  •  Mini- Cooper S appears even with XB.
  •  Reproducing the unique forum to real.
  •  As for the chassis with the lightweight compact, M-03L which adopts the nosewheel drive which is similar to the actual car.
  •  You set also the transmitter and the battery and the charger.

OTHER New March 2008 Items :

  • 40558(OG.58) GB-03 Aluminum Propeller Shaft (Blue)
  • 40560(OG.60) GB-03 Heat Sink Motor Plate (Blue)
  • 40171(SF.71) 1/12 Lamborghini LP500S Spare Body Set

Source : Tamiya Japan

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