Team CRC – Battle Axe 1/10th Oval Machine


CRC had it’s new 1:10th oval machine on hand, the Battle Axe. The Battle Axe is a big departure from the “monkey see-monkey do” trend we see so often in today’s racing scene. Instead of the old boring t-bar rear suspension, this new car uses the race-proven link/monoball set up made famous by our race-winning Carpet Knife 1:12th cars. In addition, the Battle Axe is features adjustable wheelbase and width with CRC’s full adjustable 1:10th Pro Strut front end. With the Pro-Strut front end, every aspect of the suspension is adjustable; roll center, ride height, caster, camber, dynamic camber, Ackerman and axle position. In the rear, CRC uses twin Durashock’s for side-to-side suspension control and a new mid-sized center shock designed to be lightweight, yet very heavy duty.


The Battle Axe is the only oval car that accepts the new large brushless controllers on the left side, right in front of the left rear tire. Speaking of brushless, the Open-X pod on the Battle Axe is the strongest, easiest and most user-friendly mounting pod in the business. With the wide-open design on the Open X pod, a good quarterback could throw the motor into the pod from 10 feet away! Well, you know what we mean, it is real easy to install, solder to and run sensor wires to the brushless motors.

Also, the car features 5 cell positions as well as provisions for Lipo packs. In addition, the Battle Axe accepts most any servo with adjustable width and positioning to match the adjustable front end placement. Optional offset rear pods and front end suspension pieces will be available soon to allow you to sharpen your Battle Axe for any circle cutting application!

While only a few early production cars in the field, the CRC Battle Axe made the A-main in the 19 turn class at the 2008 Snowbirds. The driver, Steve Downs, actually arrived at the Birds running a different make of car. When he saw the unique design of the Battle Axe, Steve was convinced that he wanted to run the new machine. Steve borrowed a car that was in New York State on day one of practice. With a friend flying down during day two of practice, Steve prepared a new body and tires for the car he had yet to drive. Even though he gave up day #1 of practice, Steve got his borrowed car and worked hard all night to prepare it for the final practice. In the end, Steve just missed the event qualifying 3rd with a car he had no time on before the event. This proves the new Battle Axe a great performer on the oval speedways of North America.




Source : Team CRC

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