Team CRC – Report Snowbirds 2008


Jilles Groskamp T.Q’s and Wins 1:12th scale 19 turn with CRC Generation-X and Pro-Cut tires!

In 19 turn 1:12th scale, the class was defined by Jilles Groskamp. Jilles won every round of qualifying and the A-main with his CRC Carpet Knife Generation X (3200) . Although he started in the T.Q. position, his A-main was quite eventful as he hit a car that had got spun around backwards. This vaulted his Gen-X ride about 4 feet in the air doing a triple back flip in the full pike position. Jilles was knocked back to second and but quickly made his way back to the front completing his sweep of the 19 turn class. Jilles used CRC Pro Cut Tires and CRC’s awesome Rake (#6025) brushes in his handout motor to power his way to the victory.

Source & Full Report at Team CRC

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