Hirosaka – High Accurate Charger HS-XC Dishcharger HS-XD


HS-XC Charger (Temp Name)
HS-XD Discharger (Same  outlook as the charger)


It is a charger that can charge it safely and surely.

The high accuracy battery check machine, CD – it utilized the function of 640 that way, made easier to handle, it is the charger and the ionizer.

Still, period is necessary to sale, but if you finish approximately the desk-top test and you test on the site where use environment differs from now on and necessity are it improves.


The main specification(There is a changing thing, too. )

ï½¥charge 1-6 cell.
ï½¥6A or less in current(When shipping it, set it to MAX5A for safety. )
ï½¥Charge method linear
ï½¥Cutting method delta peak, temperature cutting, timer, and using together
ï½¥Defective cell detection function
(The charge is stopped if the defect is perceived with internal organs
PC and warning is put out. )

Electrical discharge machine
ï½¥1-6 cells.
ï½¥40A or less
ï½¥Pulse method electrical discharge near real running or more

The charger and the electrical discharge machine can be used alone.
(However, PC or the controller is necessary for various settings. )

The graphical representation of each data can be used when connecting
it with PC and, and, keeping data be used as possible and the battery

24 chargers or less (electrical discharge machine) are managed with
one PC.
When six is connected, it is possible to operate the synchronized.

Option parts

ï½¥Software for PC connection
ï½¥Electrical charge and discharge dexterity power supply(12V 5A input 100-240V)
ï½¥Display(When PC is used, it is unnecessary. )
ï½¥Controller (When PC for various settings is used, it is unnecessary).

Sale time undecided
The price is undecided.

Source : Hirosaka.jp

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