Tamiya Japan – Neo Falcon



The potential kept secret in ..Sharp.. form

Low Form where the edge is effective, furthermore the color ring of black & the lead-lead shows the body more low sharply. The electromotive radio control 2WD buggy which has the name of the bird and the falcon of most speed, it is the assembly kit of Neo-Falcon. In the bathtub frame which in center of gravity is superior low in weight balance, equipping the double wishbone 4 wheel independent suspension of oil damper equipment. Star design is unique is combined to Astoraldisshuhoel whose as for the tire which, the nosewheel is superior in directivity the wide grooved, rear wheel where high grip the square spike. The sharp body and the large-sized rear wing being lightweight, are the polycarbonate make which is strong in the shock. It does not choose the road surface and the light running enjoys fully, installing the part of selling separately, also efficiency rise is the possible 2WD buggy.


BASIC 2WD buggy chassis, DT-02

The battery for travelling is set to vertical ranging in center, adopting the bathtub frame which in center of gravity is superior low in weight balance e.g., the RC mechanic is loaded onto flat. As for suspension double wishbone 4 wheel independence of the long arm which catches the rough road pliantly. The CVA oil damper which is superior in shock absorptivity is equipped 4, the screw shaft is used for the upper arm and also camber adjustment is possible. Furthermore building in the diff. gear to the direct vent system gear box which prevents the penetration of the sand and the small stone, promising smooth cornering. Total 14 equipping the ball bearing which is in drive system, you hold down power loss. In addition, the drive shaft and the joint cup raised the reliability of the metal make and the running.


– Total length 384mm, full-width 248mm and total height 124mm
– wheel base =260mm
– roadspace =26mm
– body weight =1039g
– motor =540 type
– drive system = rear wheel 2 wheel drive
– tread F/R =216mm/208mm
– diff. gear system =3 bevel diff.
– steering wheel tie rod =2 division
– suspension F/R = double wishbone
– gear ratio =9.28:1

Source : Tamiya Japan

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