Proline – Chvey C10 – 1972


Chevy® C10 – 1972
fits Scorpion & Wheely King

There’s nothing like a classic truck! It’s rugged design and non-plastic interior scream ingenuity making up its unique characteristics. Maybe that’s why most American’s have such awe for classics, or maybe it’s because of their simplicity. Whatever that case may be, you love them and are reminded of a different time. Pro-Line welcomes you back to a blast from the past with the release of the 1972 Chevy® C10 for Rock Crawling Enthusiasts.

Pro-Line’s classic car enthusiasts captured the overall essence of the ‘72 Chevy C10 exterior and is now available for your Axial Scorpion, Wheely King, or other 12.5” wheelbase crawlers. Dovetail design front and rear give it exceptional clearance under extreme articulation. 12.5” long, 5” wide, and 3.4” tall make it right at minimum specs according to the USRCCA rules.

When you’re looking to relive a classic time in automotive history and want a rock crawling capable body, then check out Pro-Line’s new 1972 Chevy® C10 pick-up.

Features :
· Realistic design
· Made with Genuine GE .030 super lightweight, shatter proof lexan
· 12.5” long x 5” wide x 3.4” tall
· Detail decal sheet included

Source : Proline

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