Tech Racing – New Drift Machine TS-10 D-SPIRIT


Available : Feb 16, 2008

Technology of high speed drift machine DT-1 Speed is utilized, new style. Drift travelling of force actualizes from the entrance to the exit!

Actualizing the angle and preeminent stability of threat with the center motor & the front and back isometric belt. It stabilizes with deep angle, the running which can be charmed becomes possible.

Approximately with spool diff. equipment the machine stabilizes even with the hard brake. Because of this, preponderant you can bring profitably with chase.

Achievement and the name are the “TS-10 D-SPIRIT” drift spirits as for running
of power.

Specifications (the first rod limited specification)
* fiberglass make 2.5t main chassis & fiberglass make 2.5t upper deck
* approximately fiberglass make 2.5t damper stay & Super-low friction belt & front and back friction damper (with option oil damper installing possibility)
* front and back spool diff.

Source : Tech Racing

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  1. Team D-Style says:

    How much is this kit cost? Do you guys have a dealer in US?

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