XRAY T2’008 Dominates Indonesia Nationals Rnd 1


Despite heavy rain seasons here in Jakarta, the first Indonesia EP Touring National Champhionship was held at Jakarta International Twin Circuit on February 3rd, 2008, using the bigger circuit which was used previously in 2007 FEMCA GP Race.

The Track
Heavy rain the night before put the track’s traction level to a minimum. Luckily, during the race the weather is very friendly though a little bit cloudy. After spraying sugar-water over the track, the grip got better. The track is large in size, with a smooth surface and long sweepers and chicanes… a typical high-speed track.


1. Suwardi Suliand (XRAY T2’008)
2. Toto(XRAY T2’007)
3. Dhanu(XRAY T2’007)
4. Rama (XRAY T2’008)
5. Chester (XRAY T2’007)
6. Chandra (XRAY T2’007)

7. Mico
8. Tommy P (XRAY T2’007)
9. Dhany (XRAY T2’008)

10. Imam Liyanto

Suwardi’s car lost rear traction in corner 2 just after start. After being hit by the rest of the pack and having his car go off the track, he started again from the back of the pack charging tremendously to take back his position but was only able to finish 5th . We saw Toto, Dhanu, Tommy, Chester and Rama changing positions in the top 3. At last, it is Chester’s final. Second position was Dhanu, while third position was Rama.


After making some changes to the car’s setup, right after the start Suwardi lead the final all the way to the finish with 15 laps in 5m 17.002s with and set the race’s best lap record of 20.859 seconds. The closest lap time during the race was 21.509s by Chester. Second position went to Rama with 14 laps 5m 06.148s, and third position went to Mico.


We saw 5 drivers competing for the champion title. The candidates wee Suwardi, Chester, Rama, Dhanu. Suwardi lead and set a fast pace leaving the pack behind. He finished with 15 laps in 5m 13.464s and this gave him the Championship title. Second went to Rama with 14 laps 5m 10.380s and third went to Tommy with 14 laps 5m 19.409s.


1. Suwardi Suliandy (XRAY T2’008)
2. Rama (XRAY T2’008)
3. Chester (XRAY T2’007)

4. Mico
5. Dhany (XRAY T2’008)
6. Toto (XRAY T2’007)
7. Tommy (XRAY T2’007)
8. Dhanu (XRAY T2’007)

9. Imam L
10. Chandra (XRAY T2’007)

On the first run, we saw Anthony with very good driving take the first position. In the second and third runs, we saw Didi Kartanegara starting from the back of the pack and taking each competitor one-by-one to finish at the top spot and giving him the Main B 1st Title. Superb driving !


Thumbs up for Rama, as this was his debut touring car race with the new XRAY T2’008 and he took the 2nd place trophy. There were a total of 8 XRAYs in the A-Final Main and we made a clean sweep of the trophies. Good job for all TeamXRAY drivers !!!


Source : XRAY

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