HB – 3.6mm CNC-Milled Solid Main Chassis


Compatible with #61286 2.5mm Solid Upper Deck/ #61283 Aluminium Chassis Post Set

Racers needing a high-grip option for the Cyclone touring car don’t have to look any further than this extra-thick woven graphite chassis! At 3.6mm it is super stiff for firm footing on high-grip tracks like carpet. The chassis is CNC-machined to standard thickness where bulkheads and chassis posts attach. The six battery slots feature slots so you can move a 4- or 5-cell battery for your ideal weight distribution. You can also use split packs to adjust the weight balance incrementally.

A wide range of carpet and high-grip racing options are also available, designed, tested and proven by the HB worldwide racing team!

If you need additional rigidity, check out the #61286 2.5mm Solid Upper Deck and #61289 Solid Middle Deck for high-grip racing surfaces! For the ability to quickly adjust to changing traction conditions at a busy race, use our #61283 Aluminium Chassis Post Set with Adjustable Torsion Control! Foam tyre racers will love the #61287 Low Mount Shock Tower for optimal traction when using low-profile foam tyres.

#HB61285 3.6mm Solid Main Chassis

HB61286 2.5mm Solid Upper Deck61289_01.jpg
#61289 Solid Middle Deck

61283_01.jpg 61283_02.jpg
#61283 Aluminium Chassis Post Set with ATC (Adjustable Torsion Control)

#61287 Low Mount Shock Tower (Front) (for foam tyres)

Source : HB

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