Pro-Line Badlands Challenge – Rnd 4


The morning greeted us with a rather frosty start to a very well prepared track. Having made some changes to the track layout in-between rounds all drivers were level pegging as no one had actually driven round the track prior to this meeting. With the sun starting to warm up the surface and the overnight frosting starting to melt away into the surface racing got underway. With 72 drivers making the trip to DRT for round 4 there was plenty of racing to be had by all.

A Final Rallycross
1st Brennan Ralls Xray XB8EC OS
2nd Sam Taylor Kyosho MP777 Novarossi
3rd Richard Bettaney Associated RC8 RB

Young Elliot Boots took to the new layout very well claiming overall TQ for the Day followed by Brennan Ralls and Sam Taylor in 3rd with the start of the 20 min final a very unfortunate incident on turn 2 caused Elliot to retire from the race on the first lap . Brennan moved into the lead and started to open a gap with the rest of the pack bearing down as the seconds ticked away Brennan seemed to be at one with the race track and it was to be his race from start to finish and a didn’t look back.

Sam Taylor on the other hand had a tough start from 3rd place on the grid Sam was last after the first lap and had a huge undertaking to move through the field for his second place with the likes of Mike Cradock in front of him. Richard Bettaney had moved into second place after Lap 4 and managed to hold back Mike Cradock for 4 laps when it was Sam’s turn to challenge for second place and from lap 8 right through to lap 27 Richard managed to hold the second place when Sam managed to find his way past to take second all the way to the finish line a mear 10 seconds ahead of Richard.


1st Matt Reuben 31 Laps Kyosho ST-RR Sirio
2nd Adam Wild 29 Laps Kyosho ST-RR Sirio
3rd Mark Balson 29 Laps Losi 8ight-T OS

Matt Taking pole position for the day had a great start to allow him to lead from start to finish in fine style. Steve Dickman Held onto 2nd place for the first 3 laps followed by Adrian Eaton in 3rd place Toby Plunket moved up into 2nd place from round 4 and a battle ensued between Toby and Steve with second and third place changing hands between the two drivers until lap 10 when Adam Wild came into the running.

By lap 16 Toby By lap 16 the engine gremlins decided to have a play with Toby’s engin causing him problems and with 2 engine cuts unfortunatly put him out the running for a podium finish. It was now a battle between Adam, Mark and Steve that ensued with places changing hands several times right down to the final lap when Adam Managed to get past Steve to seal second place and Mark also managed to pass steve to secure 3rd Place.

The Final Round of the Proline Badlands Challenge will take place on the 16th of March and it is truly down to the last meeting in both classed to wrap up the top 3 overall placing’s for the series.

Source : CML Distribution

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