Jerome Sartel & XB8EC Win EFRA GP Montpelier


Jerome Sartel is on a roll these days. Not only did he have a fabulous debut in Team XRAY at the Euro Indoor race (where he took the double win in both buggy and truggy classes), now Jerome has won the EFRA GP Montpelier!


Here is Jerome’s report:
I’m just coming back home from the annual international GP of Montpellier where I was last week. The weather was perfect but really cold, and because of that the really flat track was so slippery that we were drifting in a few corners. As I couldn’t be there for the practice on Friday, my race began on Saturday morning with a heat of controlled practice. My first qualification round was really good as I finished 2nd a few seconds behind Savoya. In the 2nd and 3rd heats, the car needed more steering but I couldn’t find the solution that day. I wasn’t fast enough in those 2 heats. In the final results, I finished 6th in qualification and started 3rd in the semi behind Boero and Tortorici.


After a good night and some work on the car, we were ready for the semi. We changed the rear toe and put less caster angle on the front in order to gain steering. In the semi, the situation for me was difficult because of a bad start and bad tyre choice. We were using Holeshot M3 like on Saturday but the traction wasn’t good because of the changes of the track. I finish in 4th and started the main in 6th position.


For the main, I changed only the tyres putting four bowtie M3 on the car. I had a really good start and after a few laps was in 3rd position behind Rodriguez (who had a crazy fast start) and Ezazian. I had to run harder to keep on the heels of the leader, and I took the lead after 15 minutes. At this time, Renaud was running harder too and caught up to me at the 25min mark. We ran together for about 10 minutes until he broke his car. By then, the 2nd place car was now more than 1 lap behind me. I finished the final and won.

Final results:
1. Jerome Sartel – XRAY XB8EC
2. Jerome Ezazian
3. Nico Rodriguez

My second race is in 2 weeks. It’s been a really good beginning for me, and I hope it will continue like that. The next race is in Las Vegas, and I expect it will be a bit harder with all the top US drivers there. We will see.


Jerome Sartel Winning Set-up sheet.

Source : Xray

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