Yokomo – Shock Spring for Drift (Made by Swift)


Translation :
It is spring that the Swift Co. produced by using the technology of a real car and the same hardening and painting by the joint development with the Swift Co. that is the top brand of a real car in the suspension spring for the RC drift. It is assumed that the color is a real car and is same blue, a kappa, and green, and externals are the finish of the atmosphere full marks. The steering wheel response is improved in the performance by making it to the total length short, short spring, and a quick counterattack and a sharp cornering have been achieved. The width of the setting extends greatly because it has been being set that harder than a little soft software and normality medium hardware and it is harder since normal spring.


ys_2ds.JPG YS-2DS

ys_2dmh.JPG YS-2DMH

ys_2dh.JPG YS-2DH

Source : Yokomo

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