Yokomo – YZ-114SP Charger Discharger and Cycler


The definitive edition and YZ-114SP of the efficient electrical charge and discharge machine finally appeared. It corresponds to various batteries that can be the electrical charge and discharges of Nicad/Lithium ion battery from 1 cell to 14 cells in addition to the nickel metal hydride battery and the lithium Polymer battery up to five cells by can the setting of the charging current from 0.1 to 5.0A, and use to the RC car though it is reasonable pricing. In addition, cycle of the charge → electrical discharge and electrical discharge → charge etc. electrical charge and discharge can be set, and I will be taken an active part also to annoying battery management greatly.

As for a newly developed intelligent delta peak cutting system, the peak detection sensitivity can be arbitrarily set, it equips normally with the temperature sensor, and a high charge with reliability is possible on the safety side. Two kinds of power supplies of AC100V and DC12V can be selected, and the connector and the gong terminal for straight packing are attached to the connection to the battery.

Being possible to master it comparatively easily because all functions can be controlled with four buttons is a point of the recommendation. It is easy to see in the backlight with a vivid blue, and will be able to call an electrical charge and discharge machine active by various scenes even in the situation with a dark lighting in the indoor circuit etc.






セット内容 Content

  • 充放電器本体 Main body of battery charger ×1
  • AC100V用電源ケーブル Power supply cable(AC100V) ×1
  • DC12V用電源ケーブル Power supply cable(DC12V) ×1
  • 温度センサー Temperature sensor ×1
  • 7.2V用バッテリーコネクター 7.2V battery connect cords ×1
  • ワニ口コネクター Clip connector ×1

Special Features :

  • Back light equipped LCD display and simple menu/control & charge possible battery: Nicad battery (1-14 cell), nickel hydrogen battery (1-14 cell), lithium ion lithium polymer battery (1-5 cell)
  • adjustment possible delta peak inspection sensitivity (3-25mV/ cell) (nicad nickel hydrogen)
  • fixed voltage, fixed electric current (CV/CC) control method adoption (lithium polymer lithium ion)
  • charging current adjustment possibility (0.1-5.0 amp) * discharge current adjustment possibility (0.1-2.0 amp)
  • discharge cutting voltage 0.1-16.8V/ cell (nicad nickel hydrogen), 3.0V (lithium ion lithium polymer)
  • input potential and output voltage, charging current and discharge current, battery volutage, elapsed time The data of charge capacity and the like indicatory possibility & charge efficiency, building in the cooling fan in order to increase durability


電源/Power supply DC11-15V AC100-240V(50/60Hz)
充電可能バッテリー・対応セル数/Battery-number of the cells Ni-cd/Ni-MH 1-14cell (1.2-16.8V)
Li-ion 1-5cell (3.6-18V)
Li-po 1-5cell (3.7-18.5V)
充電電流/Charge current Ni-cd/Ni-MH 0.1-5.0A(0.1A step)
Li-ion/Li-po 100-5000mAh 1C (100mAh step)
放電電流/Discharge current Ni-cd/Ni-MH/Li-ion/Li-po 0.1-2.0A (100mAh step)
放電カット電圧/Discharge cut voltage Ni-cd/Ni-MH 0.1-16.8V(0.1V step)
Li-ion/Li-po 3.0V/cell
トリクル充電電流/Trickle charge current Ni-cd/Ni-MH 50 100 150 200mAh
デルタピーク電圧/Delta peak voltage Ni-cd/Ni-MH 3-25mV/cell
ディスプレイ/Display 2×16 LCD Backlight
寸法/Case size W158×D144×H58mm
重量/Weight 610g

Source : Yokomo

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