RB Concept – WS7 TURBO L2G


The world famous RB Concept World S7 is back in a brand new version. Frequently European Champion, 3 times World Champion and many times national champion, the RB CONCEPT WS7T L2G is the most popular off Road engine in the world! The RB CONCEPT WS7T L2G has a new re-enforced crankcase, and has also been re-looked at the baseline, for better stability and strength. It has the L2G low profile head which increases cooling efficiency and comes with a new Turbo combustion Chamber. This new engine has a lot of exclusive features: the special RB Concept Coating, the new off Road Carburettor including extra stiffer and anodized body and interior steel rings plus a 8mm Venturi. RB CONCEPT WS7T L2G also has a new backplate with improved gazflow and improved o-ring positioning. Keeping its smooth and rapid acceleration, the RB CONCEPT WS7T L2G is the engine for those who want the power of the World Champion!

Technical Data
Reference : 01006-WS7
Contents: 3.49 cc
Bore: 16.42mm
Stroke: 16.42mm
Porting intake: 7
Porting exhaust: 1
Crankshaft: SPT/SG 13mm Bi-Turbo Buggy + RB CONCEPT COATING
Carburetor: Slide Composite 9mm with removable Venturi 8mm
Glowplug: Turbo #01051-6
Weight: 368 Gr.
Use: Buggy

Source : RB Concepts

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