ABC Hobby – AC/DC Expert Charger 5S


Available Feb 26, 2008

This container ‘AC/DC expert charger 5S’ is a product that improves the detection sensitivity of the delta peak voltage (Sensitive) to charge with a handling method severe, latest high performance and high capacity nickel metal hydride battery more safely. It is abnormality and not a breakdown though the delta peak auto cutting might work early depending on the condition of the battery because the sensitivity is high.



  • ï½¥LCD with backlight
  • ï½¥5mV in delta peak cutting voltage/cell
  • ï½¥1.0V in electrical discharge cutting voltage/cell
  • ï½¥External made of aluminum heat sink
  • ï½¥Rapid charger for Nickel metal hydride battery.
  • ï½¥Nickel metal hydride battery of 1-14 cell (1.2V-16.8V) can charge/be
  • discharged.
  • ï½¥Charge control with 16bitCPU.
  • ï½¥Charge, electrical discharge, and electrical discharge. Three modes of charge.
  • ï½¥The inside of the main body is cooled with the cooling fan.
  • ï½¥The liquid crystal display with the backlight is installed.
  • ï½¥The voltage, the amount of the charge, and the peak voltage of the battery can be
  • monitored.
  • ï½¥The condition confirmation of the battery is easy.


  • ï½¥Input power supply : AC100V-110V 50 / 60Hz / DC12V 7A above
  • ï½¥Charging current : 0.2A-5A (2A or less more than ten cells)
  • ï½¥Discharge current : 0.12A-2A(It limits and exist depending on the number of cells. )
  • ï½¥Cutting method : delta peak auto cutting (16 bit CPU)
  • ï½¥Size : W150mm x L160mmx H90mm 600g
  • ï½¥Accessory : Conversion connector AC input cable DC input cable for output code RX/BEC (7.2V connector)

Source : ABC Hobby

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