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Off-road track surfaces can change at an amazing rate. One hour it’s dusty and track grip is very low. Then the next, a small amount of rain falls, grip levels sky rocket and you’re immediately searching for ways to utilize this new found traction. Sound familiar?

Varying grip levels, especially when it’s high, can place a large amount of strain on the drive-train of any off-road buggy or truggy. One part in particular which takes a severe beating during a race, but is often over-looked, is the clutch.

Modern 1/8th buggy and truggy clutches are a fairly simple but effective system of three springs and three shoes. It is responsible for moving power from your engine and putting it through to the wheels in a controllable fashion. Many racers assemble it and forget about it, but there is two things which are often overlooked when it comes to the clutch; durability and tuning.

This is where K-Factory’s knowledge in the development and manufacturing of option or upgrade parts can help. Today their focus is on improving strength and performance of off-road 1/8th clutches with the introduction of their Aluminum Clutch Shoes.

Manufactured from high quality aluminum they are designed as direct replacements to the standard clutch shoes found in most off-road buggy’s and truggy’s. The use of aluminum means the shoes will last much longer than a standard plastic or carbon injected shoes and this means less maintenance and less cost keeping your car up and running.

Another advantage of aluminum shoes is improved clutch grip or response. The shoes will hold onto the end-bell harder resulting in less slippage and more power from the engine to the wheels. If you’re running a high horsepower motor, then aluminum shoes will give better acceleration and improved lap times thanks to less slippage.

The aluminum also disperses heat better and this means the clutch will remain consistent over long runs. Melted or overheating clutches will be a thing of the past!

In some extreme cases, you may find the aluminum shoes may offer too much initial bite or acceleration and you may wish to soften the engagement of the clutch a little. Because the shoes are direct replacements for plastic or carbon shoes, you can mix between aluminum and plastic to obtain the right clutch setting. For example, a track with medium grip levels may suit two aluminum shoes and one plastic shoe for the best setup.

K-Factory’s new alloy shoes are the perfect, low cost, upgrade you can put on your 1/8th off-road buggy or truggy. Improved performance and durability means more fun while paying less to do it. A win – win product from K-Factory.

Source : K Factory

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