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Available : Mar 1, 2008

Translation :

Lamborghini Countach that is announced prototype to Geneva show in 1971, and surprised car fan all over the world. 12 V type cylinder DOHC engine to say nothing of a futuristic style of Weggesheip was Midoshippmaunted to the length putting and the mechanism that adopted the power train arrangement in the opposite back and forth also collected the keen attention ahead usually, that is, the transmission, the clutch, and the engine. It is at 1974 that the first mass production type and LP400 debuted. Afterwards, having become the third generation model through LP400S of the improvement type is LP500S. LP500S that appears in the Geneva show in 1982 provides with an over fender before and behind the reception desk spoiler as well as LP400S, and prepares Riyauing by the option. The displacement of the engine was expanded from 3929cc to 4754cc, and the detail of exterior and interior was refined. Lamborghini Countach LP500S from which about 320 will be produced by 1985 joins the Tamtech-Gear assembly kit series.

Two-wheel driving chassis and the GT-01 adoption of lightness and low center of gravity
The chassis is high composition of the rigidity that combines the roll cage with Semimonococcfram ..lightness and low center of gravity… The suspension is four-wheel double wishbone. The reception desk reproduced the damper, and especially, the horizontal mount adopted the done Inn board type and reproduced a low nose in the vertical direction. Rear wheel two wheel drive equipped with highly effective 370 type motor in Riya. The slippers clutch that protects the gear from Borldef and emergency shock that demonstrates an excellent traction is equipped normally. In addition, driving system that the loss is a little as a universal shaft in addition to the full bearing specification was used was achieved. Of course, a unique form of Weggesheip is modeled ..shock.. strongly in the round made of the polycarbonate light. High finish of the scale feeling that there is no body mount no machine screw in the bonnet is a charm. In addition, the body side was drawn in to the chassis side, and a peculiar side line was reproduced. Additionally, the dish wheel of five halls called a revolver type is plating finish. The starting appearance is tightened further.

Basic specifications

  • – Total length 365mm
  • – full-width 173mm
  • – total height 97mm
  • – wheel base 204mm
  • – tread = F:129mm R:138mm
  • – tire width/diameter = F:20/54mm R:25/55mm
  • – frame = strengthening resin make monocoque type frame – drive system = horizontal ranging motor rear drive 2WD
  • – diff. gear = ball diff.
  • – steering wheel = 3 divided tie rod systems
  • – suspension = front and back double wishbone
  • – gear ratio = 10.86:1
  • – motor = 370 types
  • – speed controller = ESC specification (selling separately)
  • – private battery (selling separately) with at the time of approximately 30 minute travelling possible (usual travelling full charge))

Source : Tamiya

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  1. Steve36445 says:

    I would like to get a Tamiya TamTech Lamborghini Countach LP500s kit to build with my 11 year old son as an itroduction to cars, modelling RC etc.

    The trouble is I have recently become disabled and have lost virtually all manual dexterity and whist I could help him work out what to do he would have to do all physical construction.

    Do you think this would be suitable and if not can you reccomend something.



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