GiBon Goo wins Korea Onroad Race Grand Prix R1


Round 1 of KORG (Korea Onroad Race Grand Prix) was run last weekend at the Girina Raceway in Kyunggi-do, Seoul. It was the first nitro onroad touring race this year and it was absolutely dominated by the XRAY NT1.


XRAY NT1 driver GiBon Goo – winner of the Muchmore Championship, Kysho Masters, and Serpent Cup in 2007 – showcased his NT1 and showed again that he would be the top unbeatable racer with an NT1 in 2008. GiBon qualified in 2nd place and took a spectacular win in the final with great performance.

GiYeul Kim, another XRAY NT1 driver, also showcased his NT1 and achieved 3rd place in the final. GiYeul’s great passion and skills with the NT1 were outstanding.

Final Results:
1. GiBon Goo XRAY NT1
2. SeYoung Oh
3. KiYeul Kim XRAY NT1
4. GiYong Hong
5. YunChul Kim
6. GunSoo Kim
7. SungKyu Kang XRAY NT1
9. Hyun Ho Ahn
10. SungMo Goo


Source : XRAY

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