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LST2 Monster Truck RTR w/XS3

LST2 Super Truck RTR with Mach 427 Engine & JR XS 3 Synthesized RadioThe Losi LST2 is the next generation of big block nitro horsepower and ingenious design, bringing you the most advanced monster truck ever conceived. Taking Losi’s original “2005 Truck of the Year” LST to the next level of performance, the LST2 features a potent new Mach 427 engine, newly designed driveshafts and axles for added strength, 20mm anodized aluminum wheel hexes, bulletproof aluminum differential cases, 420-Series dish wheels and racing tires, beefed up suspension components and much more. Aluminum clutch shoes offer long life and strong, positive engagement to harness the power, directed through a revolutionary transmission that shifts on the fly while climbing rocky inclines or blasting across the flats at speeds over 40 MPH. And you will stay in precise control the entire time with JR’s premium XS3 synthesized computer FM radio system.

The LST2 is the complete, high-performance, ready-to-run package that monster truck racers have been looking for.





  • Potent new 7-port Mach 427 engine
  • Newly-designed oversized driveshafts, bearings and axles for added strength
  • Revised suspension arms, hubs, carriers and spindles
  • 20mm anodized aluminum wheel hexes
  • Mega shocks with threaded anodized bodies and adjuster nuts
  • Losi Spin-Start Electric Starting System
  • Exclusive Multi-speed transmission w/reverse and slipper clutch
  • Sealed 2-speed spur gears
  • Steel-geared vicous differentials
  • Bulletproof aluminum F/R differential cases
  • 420-series dish wheels
  • Low-profile ATX racing tires
  • Aluminum clutch shoes
  • High-capacity fuel tank
  • Dual-disk brakes
  • Pro-tune linkage set
  • 1100MAH Ni-MH receiver battery pack and 110V charger
  • Dual metal-geared Z590 steering servos
  • Premium JR XS3 Synthesized radio w/2 steering servos

Product Specifications

  • Type:4WD Nitro Monster truck
  • Scale:Monster Truck
  • Length:22 in (559mm)
  • Width:18.5 in (470mm)
  • Wheelbase:14.2 in (361mm)
  • Weight:13 lbs. (5897g)
  • Chassis:Dual-deck aluminum with composite ladder braces
  • Suspension:4-wheel independent H-arm
  • Drive Train:Center Hi/Lo trans, 2-speed w/slipper and 2 differentials
  • Tire Type:ATX low-profile racing tires
  • Motor or Engine:Mach 427 (.427cc) with tuned exhaust system
  • Radio:JR XS3 Synthesized FM system
  • Servos:Z590 (steering x 2), Z270 for throttle/brake & shift
  • Batteries:1100MAH NiMH receiver pack
  • Charger:110v, 100MAH overnight charger
  • Speed:40+MPH
  • Wheel Size:40-series using 20mm drive hex
  • Kit/RTR:RTR
  • Shock Type:Oversized threaded coil-over mega shock
  • Body:LST2 Racer type, prefinished
  • Ball Bearings:Complete
  • Fuel Tank Capacity:220 c.c.


The long arm suspension system uses four oversized, machined aluminum Mega Shocks that allow the LST2 to takle terrain that other monster trucks simply can’t handle.


The suspension arm design for the LST2 has been revised and beefed up to offer even more stability and strength


The LST2 also comes with “420-Series” dish wheels and low profile tires. The race-inspired design of the wheels offers strength and stable handling while the low profile tires feature an aggressive tread design and exclusive Losi compound


The extremely robust, redesigned driveshafts use ball bearings on both ends, offering a power transfer wiuth unsurpasses smoothness.The new driveshafts and axles are also strengthened in critical areas to handle the stresses of high-speed off-road action.


Normally an expensive on some trucks, the LST2 comes with high-strength aluminum differential cases installed.


The shift-on-the-fly two-speed transmission features sealed gearing that protects the drivetrain from dirt and debris common in off-road racing.


The LST2 includes the JR XS3 radio, a 1100mAh receiver pack and charger, portable rotary starter, losi Sport glo igniter and basic hand tools.


With massive amounts of horsepower on tap, the Mach 427 gives the LST2 outstanding hill-climbing power and sizzling straight-line speeds in the 40 mph range.


The LST2’s exclusive Multi-Speed Transmission is equipped with a multi-disc slipper clutch and offers shift-on-the-fly performance with manually selected high and low gear ranges as well as reverse.


Source : Team Losi

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  1. ludovic says:

    Est-ce qu’il est possible de connaitre le prix, ses performances (comme son acceleration, sa vitesse maximum, le nombre de cm^3 du moteur et l’autonomie du réservoire d’escences ainsi que le type d’escence qu’il supporte et sa solidité aux chocs) de ce model reduit (le team losi lst2 rtr 4w)
    Egalement si ce monser truck est une bonne affaire.

    merci beaucoup d’avance pour ces renseignements.


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