Team Losi – MUGGY 4WD RTR



Muggy 4WD RTR w/XR2i & 427

The Ultimate Fusion of Design, Performance and Engineering. The Muggy from Team Losi.

Team Losi® has been revolutionizing RC for over 25 years, pushing the limits of performance and engineering to offer an extensive line of vehicle choices. They continue to shape the future of RC with the Muggy™ Monster Truck. Blending proven technologies and the latest innovations for an intense monster truck experience, the Muggy adapts the greatest features from several vehicle designs to offer a truly unique truck, built to take on any type of terrain.

Combining the rugged, durable suspension found on the LST2â„¢ with a rigid aluminum chassis, the Muggy gives drivers an incredible balance of all-terrain capabilities and handling. Molded Mega Shocks soak up the bumps and jumps, while 420-series wheels and tires grip the ground and propel the Muggy to incredible speeds. Power comes from a Losi Sport 427 engine equipped with an all-aluminum HT one-piece pipe and header. A center diff controls the distribution of power for optimum handling, while front and rear brakes bring the Muggy to a halt when needed. Front and rear sway bars accentuate the low center of gravity, giving the Muggy a solid feel on turns and straight-aways. Aluminum chassis braces add to the stability, and a high-capacity fuel tank feeds the 427 engine for long, high-speed runs.



  • Losi 427 engine and tuned exhaust give the Muggy intense horsepower
  • Losi Spin-Start Electric Starting System
  • Innovative LST2-inspired suspension geometry.
  • Proven high performance, low maintenance 1/8 buggy-style drivetrain
  • Performance-designed wing and durable wing mount
  • JR® XR2i computer-based radio system included
  • Aggressive racer body design sporting typical stunning Losi looks
  • Dual metal-geared Z590 steering servos
  • Large 150cc fuel tank (R/C Pro Series legal)
  • 1100MAH Ni-MH receiver battery pack and 110V charger

Product Specifications

  • Length:21.75 in
  • Width:18 in
  • Wheelbase:14 in
  • Weight:11.4 lbs
  • Drive Train:Gear Ratio 14.48:1
  • Motor or Engine:Losi Sport 427 engine
  • Radio:JR XR2i





Team Losi’s revolutionary Mega Shocks provide incredible suspension capabilities and handling, without the need for dual-shock setups that can add weight or reduce performance.


The Muggy features a center differential to help evenly distribute power between the front and rear wheels for greater handling and acceleration.


The installed Losi Sport 427 engine and tuned exhaust give the Muggy intense horsepower. This high tech power plant includes a slide carburetor and a generous porting design for an exceptional balance of torque and top speed.


The Muggy utilizes an innovative suspension geometry. High-impact materials make the suspension arms tough enough to take the abuse of full-speed off-road runs without the need for any additional bracing.


The Muggy also features dual, hightorque metal-geared steering servos that provide plenty of power to keep the wheels pointed in the right direction. The sealed receiver box keeps the radio gear free of dirt and debris.


A performance-designed wing and durable wing mount are included on the Muggy, giving the truck more downforce and more traction at nearly any speed.


The Muggy comes complete with a premium, computer-based JR® XR2i radio system. The 2-model memory, servo reversing, digital trims and more provide complete control for any type of driving.


Included Spin-Start handheld starter system, Receiver battery charger and glo-ingiter.




Source : Team Losi

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