Yokomo Drift Package D1 – 460Power S14 Silvia


Street legal category of D1. It is a do-it-yourself kit reproduced as an electric radio control car of 1/10 scales for “460POWER S14 SILVIA” that player Shiro of Deura drove in the series in the fiscal year 2007 to improve in the model, and to enjoy the charm of the drift easily.

“MR-4TC SD Race type” chassis for the race of latest Yokomo is adopted in the chassis. ..cultivated high potential.. So can be enjoyed without reserve by various races of all-Japan championship etc.  Moreover, super-low Haitotaip of the racing intention is adopted in the drift tire (Applied for the patent) that achieves overwhelming distance of a jump and the angle. The sponsor logo decal is attached. It is possible to reproduce it by easy painting. Wheel..attach..run..visual..satisfaction..go..car..finish.

Source : Yokomo

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