HPI – Drift Meister Motor


Drift fans, HPI Racing has a new line of motors designed just for drifting. The Drift Meister motors are available in 11T, 13T, 15T, 17T and 19T so you can choose the perfect amount of power for your drifting style. All of the Drift Meister motors have dual ball bearings for high efficiency and long life. The endbell features adjustable timing to help fine tune the power and performance, aluminum heat sinks to keep everything running cool, bullet connectors for easy installation, and color-coded silicone wires. The rebuildable design allows you to take the motor apart for a thorough cleaning, to cut the commutator, or replace the brushes. The Drift Meister motors look great too with Stage D graphics on the label, a stealth grey can, and color-coded anodized aluminum fins on the endbell.

Put the power in your drifting with the new Drift Meister motors from HPI Racing!

  • 1101        DRIFT MEISTER 11T MOTOR (RED)
  • 1102        DRIFT MEISTER 13T MOTOR (BLACK)
  • 1103        DRIFT MEISTER 15T MOTOR (PURPLE)
  • 1104        DRIFT MEISTER 17T MOTOR (BLUE)
  • 1105        DRIFT MEISTER 19T MOTOR (GREEN)

Source : HPI

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