Team Orion Report on Teemu Wins 08 TITC


The 2008 TITC at RCS in Bangkok, Thailand was by many considered the warm-up race for the Worlds Race that will be held at the end of this year. Since the tires used at this race will be similar to the Worlds’ ones, as well the last chance to test in similar conditions, all the major teams were there to get some very important testing in.

The importance of this race was seen by many others when the race entries were stopped at 300, which meant full house at the RCS track!

With names like Leino, Moore, Wilck, Hara, Masami, Hayato, and Rheinard the race was going to be very competitive. No less than 7 World Champions attended!

As a sign to IFMAR, a gentlemen’s agreement between the drivers meant that all drivers would run 5 cells instead of 6 cells and a weight minimum of 1430gramms, and seeing the lack of defects it was proven to be the right choice.

This however did not slow down the cars as they still were showing record pace. On the straight, Teemu Leino’s car measured an incredible 90km/h (56mph) on the short straight!

This year, the IFMAR Race points format of qualifying was used, which meant best 3 runs out of 5 where used. Then the championship would be decided by the best 2 out of 3 A-Mains.

In qualifying it was already Teemu Leino leading the way. TQ’ing 2 out of the 5 rounds and one second place (lost on .012s) gave him the overall TQ. Current World Champion Andy Moore would start 4th on the grid and Victor Wilck would start 5th. With that Team Orion had 3 drivers starting in the top five.

One of our leading drivers Surikarn, unfortunately had some bad luck during the second day and lost the final entry by .002 seconds on the young new Japanese star Naoto.

From the sound of the A final tone Teemu did not need at all to flash any lights to overtake; showing only his tail lights where enough and went on to a convincing win in the first two A-Mains, giving him the overall Championship as well was so given the luxury to sit out the 3rd one!

Andy Moore capped off a great weekend by winning A-Main #3 following a strong 2nd place finish in A-Main #2 giving him 2nd Place overall.

Victor had very exciting battle’s for the top 3 places, but some bad luck, as well his share of fair sportsmanship which was received with big applause of the many spectators, prevented a top 3 position.

With Hara, Rheinard and Moore winning the TITC for Team Orion in the previous editions, now Teemu entered the hall of TITC fame, only missing that small detail: a WC title!

All in all a great event with a deserved winner. It showed also that the organization is ready for the Worlds which will be held in November. No doubt, Team Orion will be ready also.

Winning Equipment Used By Teemu Leino:

ORI28101 Team Orion Vortex 3.5 Brushless Motor
ORI41445 Team Orion 150mm Sensor Wire
ORI11568 Team Orion 4200SHO 5-Cell Team Packs
ORI40116 Team Orion Copper Battery Bones

Source : Team Orion

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