Team Orion Report Ryan Cavalieri Sweeps Dirt Nitro Challenge


The 9th Annual Dirt Nitro Challenge was held at The Nitro Pit in Witmann, Arizona for the second straight year. The Nitro Challenge is known as the first big off-road gas race of the year. All the top US drivers were in attendance as well as many from overseas. The track layout resembled a supercross type track with huge jumps and difficult rhythm sections. Along with a super smooth race program, this has made The Nitro Challenge one of the most anticipated races of the year.

Team Orion Factory Driver Ryan Cavalieri competed in both 1/8 Pro Truggy and 1/8 Pro Buggy.

In the Pro Truggy Class, Ryan was able to choose any Truggy he wanted to compete with. Cavelieri chose the Kyosho ST-RR, arguably the best Truggy on the market. At this same track a few months ago, Ryan set the world on fire by winning the 1st Annual Nitro Cross World Championships with this same truck.

After qualifying was complete, Cavalieri racked up a TQ and 3rd that would allow him to start second on the grid for the 45 minute A-Main.

At the start of the tone Cavalieri matched the fast pace with the leaders up front. RC stayed smooth and made a late race charge to take the lead. Never looking back, he went on to win the main event by a comfortable margin.

In 1/8 Pro Buggy, Cavalieri¬ finished up qualifying with a very respectable 2nd and 9th place points. With 11 points, Cavalieri would start 7th.

At the start of the main, Ryan suffered a rough start forcing him back a few positions. Ryan quickly worked his way back up through the field eventually catching the lead pack with his Team Orion powered RC8. With a few laps to go Ryan took the lead and went on to win his second championship of the weekend making it a clean sweep!

Winning Equipment Used by Ryan Cavalieri:

ORI80311 Team Orion Wasp .21 Team Engine
ORI88801 Team Orion 06-S Medium Glow Plug
ORI88010 Team Orion .21 Off-Road 069 Pipe Set
ORI30117 Team Orion Advantage Charger
ORI12227 Team Orion 1600 Marathon Receiver Pack

Source : Team Orion

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  1. Allen says:

    Ryan you rock!!!!!!! i love the way you drive. your awsome!!!!

  2. Rocko says:

    Ryan, packing on the pudge boy!

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