HPI – ProD High Performance Drift Car


Aims at the strongest drift master.
In a mature domestic drift category, “PRO-D” was completed with the hand of the JAPAN R&D team that was well informed of the drift. Most main parts are assumed to be a new design, and a lot of sticking to that surpasses the competition touring car achieves the drift feeling of the best. Overwhelming distance of a jump of “PRO-D” and a preeminent control charm everyone.



The yaw axis to move by the fact that the motor which is rotary ones is arranged in the front midship, easier drift is possible.prodimg_02_w.jpg

Easy eject battery holder

The Easy eject battery holder is adopted. The rose cell to say nothing of straight packing and installing the Li-Po battery are also possible.prodimg_03_w.jpg

Sealing up type gearbox

The sealing up gearbox is adopted back and forth, and running and maintenance on not only the circuit but also the street are considered.


Chassis roll selection system

Two kinds of roll rigidities can be selected by changing the position of the selector by adopting the chassis roll selection system.

*The image changes if the pointer is put in the image.prodimg_05_w.jpg

Orange anodized aluminum parts

The aluminum parts of the orange anodized aluminum settlement that gives a fresh, strong impact are adopted for each part.prodimg_06_w.jpg


1/10 scale shaft drive 4WD drift car “PRO-D” main Spec

  •  The total length: 355mm
  •  The width: 190mm(The offset wheel is installed 0mm. )
  •  Wheelbase: 255-257mm
  •  Wheelbase: About 1500g


Source : HPI

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