XRAY Column #16 – Back in the Dirt


Since the autumn of 2007 when I decided to focus all our energy, efforts and resources to the next development of the XB8, we made huge progress and development went through some hectic and radical changes. In some of my previous columns I disclosed our initial idea and strategy for the new development of the XB8 platform and showed the first ideas and concepts which were tested at European and US tracks (with myself experiencing and getting my own feedback in the US at the Worlds track in Charlotte and at the Worlds Nitro Cross race in Las Vegas). After returning to the factory and evaluating all the data and records on hand – and after collecting feedback from other drivers which tested the new concept – I was still not happy with the results. I had the feeling that if we wanted to get the XB8 to the next level, we would need to change the concept. Trying to massage the current XB8 concept even more, I felt that we would get limited here and there and would still need to make compromises at a certain point. And to make compromising decisions in the high-competition field is something I really do not like to do. I was facing a dilemma.

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