Team CRC – New 10th Scale Oval Racer – The Battle Axe


Calandra Racing Concepts changed the face 12th Scale racing with the release of the beautiful Gen-X racer. Tenth scale racers can now also have the same professional quality race car as TeamCRC releases its new 10th scale oval machine, the Battle Axe.

The Battle Axe is the result of continuous refinement and product development at Calandra Racing Concepts. The Battle Axe gets its roots from CRC’s 12th scale on-road racer, the Gen X, but this latest kit has been designed from the ground up to produce a well-balanced, highly adjustable, and user friendly tenth scale oval racer. Move over T-Bar cars, the Battle Axe is coming through.

The Battle Axe also features:

  •  CRC’s new Pro-Strut molded front end, best in the business
  •   New X-pod rear end, super low CG with “open pod” design that accepts brushed and bulky brushless motors with ease
  •   5 cell slots for adjustable F/R weight bias
  •   Adjustable battery stops for altering left weight bias
  •   Adjustable track width and wheel base
  •   Unique adjustable/universal servo mounting plate
  •   Plenty of mounting space on the left rear for “big ‘ole” b/l speed controls
  •   Flush mount transponder mounting system
  •   Pivot Ball / Link style rear suspension – No t-bars to tweak or break!

Source : Team CRC

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