Serpent S120 – First Pictures


As mentioned earlier in some forums, this new Serpent S120 is a T-bar car, this T-bar is fitted with a restrainer that will allow more or less flex to this part, as done in the past with 235mm Pro 10 pan cars.

The rear pod is machined in one single piece, the side movement are controlled using a damper/shock, as done by Team Associated and the RC12R5/RC12L5.

Cells lay as on all actual 1/12th scale car, with some drilled holes on the chassis allowing to move longitudinally the cells.

The front end is in the actual standard too, similar to the Dynamic AE Front end with a lower and upper plastic arm, the caster blocks are metal (aluminum) parts equipped with a deformable stiffening bar between both side, caster can be modified removing shims. Camber will be adjust as for the CRC Dynamic Front End, using a screw driver or an hex wrench.




Source :
Text: PetitRC

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