Jones Win Southern Clash in New Zealand


The Southern Clash is held each year in the South Island of New Zealand. The Dunedin Radio Enthusiast’s Car Club runs the event in a car park by the beach in St Kilda, Dunedin. The event was supposed to be run on the Saturday with 3 rounds of qualifying and 2 finals. Unfortunately it rained most of the day, and we all ended up holding off till Sunday.

Prostock final results:

1st Mike Jones – XRAY
2nd Kevin Dench – XRAY

3rd David Beck
4th Michael Grainger – XRAY
5th David Hodgins
6th Stewart Ross – XRAY
7th Ian Rickerby
8th Mark Harling – XRAY

Stock final results:

1st David Hodgins
2nd Dave Loughhead – XRAY
3rd Aaron Sperling
4th Allan Bailey – XRAY
5th Steve Weir – XRAY
6th Brian Loughhead – XRAY

7th Mike Cadogan
8th Daniel Webber – XRAY

Source : XRAY

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