Team Trion – Vigo Power 4600 and 4600e EFRA Spec



It is a new brand battery, and Vigor Power from which low self-discharge, it internal resists, high capacity and the voltage are achieved, and safety is considered.

ï½¥VP4600e EFRA Spec

VP4600e becomes a short type corresponding to EFRA Reg of the overseas race group.

A short type is easily installed on the car that puts the battery on the center
of baggy 2WD.

Vigor Power 4600 series lineup
– One TB-0633 Vigor Power 4600 (**) cell
– Four TB-0634 Vigor Power 4600 (**) cell
– Five TB-0635 Vigor Power 4600 (**) cell
– Six TB-0636 Vigor Power 4600 (**) cell

– One TB-0637 Vigor Power 4600e EFRA Spec (**) cell
– Four TB-0638 Vigor Power 4600e EFRA Spec (**) cell
– Five TB-0639 Vigor Power 4600e EFRA Spec (**) cell
– Six TB-0640 Vigor Power 4600e EFRA Spec (**) cell

Source : Team Trion

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