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Kyosho dNaNo Launch Press Conference

Translation :

March 5th 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the person overflowed from the entrance, the ardor came spring still distantly and the sky was repelled coldly and in spirit of the extent which is returned, dNaNo of rumor (D nano-) press conference was held.

It is suitable in leading town and Roppongi of fashion and culture, it was refined will not you show, because the fact that “Hanezgarden Tokyo” is chosen in that meeting place is the hobby culture which walks also dNaNo and the leading edge, it is not anything less than.

Big undulation of the micro motor sports created with minutes became a worldwide flow now, and invented an independent hobby category. Original and dNaNo of the desire of investigating the knowhow obtained by the minutes thoroughly, including a state-of-the-art technology in addition, and offering the ultimate hobby world without the thing that everyone experienced were born. This is not captured to the frame of mere racing machine. It is a quite new mechanism and a grand system. The curtain of secrecy will be peeled off through this press symposium report, and we report on the charm and the whole image.

Suitable stage for high quality product 

“Hanezgarden Tokyo” is a special place in Roppongi where babel has been filled where a quiet, fashionable time flows even though is a town in which the adult gathers. It is space in which the wedding and the event are held, and people who produce a state-of-the-art not state-of-the-art of the trend, trend gather. It conferred on the press in the chapel of the second floor, the specially-installed course was constructed in Patio of the first floor and an event area consecutive in it, and it held it grandly. The people who gather related to the mass communication are 200 people or more. It participated in various each medium companies such as magazine houses and TV bureaux. In addition, it applies on special site “”, and about 100 general people who decided it by lot come in the second. It seems to have been able to enjoy it in the refined mood that was reminiscent of the symposium of a real car.


It waited in a general opening to the public and the fan that did not cut had
done the row 30 minutes opening the doors ago.


The drink service also : in Patio.


It progresses in the relaxation mood.

The concept, the aimed one, and thing that has been accomplished 

Let’s clarify the profile of dNaNo by introducing each remark summary though the symposium progressed by the explanation by Ahisashi chairman Suzuki and Shinichi development charge Asai who it is Masayuki president Suzuki, and is the project leader.

President: Result of capital commerce DNA
It extends long, and the philosophy of the capital commerce that has pulled the hobby field centering on R/C is consolidated in the point that it wants to offer the hobby life that above all also has the salt of life and impression about 40 years or more. Truly innovative development posture is necessary for that, and it is always thought as a result that the product that responds to the age and needs can be offered. Then, what is requested in the age today?The hint was the problem popularly institution that there was a part that was not able to meet needs to worldwide, popularity, and the opposite to minutes. It can be called development with dNaNo the starting project for the solution no total of the thing of environmental considerations of play ..content… It is thought that the activities of us who starts from KYOSHO OMOTESANDO should wait for KYOSHO AKIHABARA that opens a store on Thursday, April 17 and the aspect, and give dNaNo new value. The first step started today.

The thing that the user is requesting by marketing activities of our company that increases becoming full-scale as of now has been gradually maked appear by heat. Thing that it can enjoy scale feeling moreThing with excellent performance of runningAnd, the thing that the deep world continues for a long time. To answer such a voice, dNaNo included a lot of state-of-the-art technologies with being able the enjoyment of the race on that by assuming real that equaled and the quality to be a major premise to a miniature car, and being able the management of the race as the theme to Shistematic. Therefore, several years were required from the conception to commercialization. One example of the result is an adoption of IC tag of contactless, and dNaNo has the possibility of an organic uniting the analogue and virtual it by the thing that various data can be effectively made the best use of. The thing that becomes a grand system from which the machine is connected with the circuit and the owner by Web is the maximum feature of dNaNo. It is possible to talk by even the dream that the race on the earth scale can not gather in one place in the future having a real feeling. The result of the innovation always borne in mind to realize the ideal is blocked in dNaNo. Please expect it of the development in the future by all means. And, please give the help to me to raising a new joy.


When you have the performance that it is lacy when the die cast car of 1/43 scales begins to run straight. It was a start of the conception of dNaNo. It aimed at a faithful thing to the theme that had been obtained by analyzing the market trend at the same time. As a result, it has pride that the ideal was realized by turning on a lot of innovative technologies without the compromise. It was a thing that went first for that to make a real body without destroying the dimension of a real car as much as possible. It was thought that it was the order that was not able to be transferred if real was valued. Indeed very in this that the chassis was made from the body early development of unprecedented in the R/C car afterwards. Moreover, I do not want to ruin the quality of running. In addition, a lot of new departures were included by wanting to bring the reformation to the race environment by assuming the system that took grand Web. The Ripobattere environment etc. that can start are the parts for the giro sensor and 30 minutes of the option, too. It will go out variously in other future. The thing that we were coming home while developing is actually feeling of not truly answering the voice in the market. I think that the demand in the age exactly became the mainspring of the dNaNo development. The machine and it dedicated to all the people of a favorite car are dNaNo.




Chairman Suzuki who receives interview of TV



Running the first is announced by the formation lap by the capital commerce
works driver.

The 道上龍選手 player on the road is an initial experience. Shout of joy that boils up.

As for the demonstration course, two kinds of the practice course to explain this course and the training mode were prepared. The dragon player on the racing driver road where Japan is represented comes there as a special secret guest. First of all, it is surprised for real of dNaNo to have met for the first time on this day. It practiced in the training mode, and a mock race was experienced in this course afterwards. A happy spectacle that journalists were surprised to see the player surprised at Stabiriti equipped with the giro high, steady running, too appeared.


The commodity composition and the option parts of dNaNo are exhibited.

An option parts under development and later Bodirainnapp of the sale schedule are exhibited around the lineup put on the market on April 18. Moreover, Enzoferarri (100) was announced in KYOSHO OMOTESANDO on March 20 and the thing that the early sale is done was announced as an announcement glad on this day. It introduces detailed information on the commodity in “”, and see by all means, please.






Also at a special circuit and home, the enjoyment is infinity.

DNaNo that Web linked with the circuit accumulates driver’s information with the license card and accumulates the running data with IC tag as being in the panel. Only your running history can be downloaded through Web based on these data. However, a special circuit alone is not a field. The garage is put by the diorama for 1/43 die cast car etc. and play is happy in Naka Naka. Of course, a real joy can be tasted even by the grass race in little space.



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