CS-Factory 1500 NiMh HVX-Matched Battery


Based on the success of the CS Factory 1500 power cell and the large demand for selected cells, CS developed further the selection for the small 2/3A cells.

With the CS Factory 1500 HVX Matched cell offers an uprated version of the 1500mAH cell to CS-ELECTRONICS. By by Christian Sterr developed the CS-HVX tension treatment with following ROBO Selection cells with highest tension and accurately same unloading curve to a luggage are together placed. Thus the performance and the life span of the cells are increased.

  •  CS-HVX tension-treats
  •  CS ROBO Selected
  •  small cell internal resistance for maximum power
  •  accurately do unloading curves resemble
  •  fast-loads and high currentable

Technical data:
Capacity: 1500mAh
number of cells: Single cell
tension: 1,2V
size: 2/3A
dimension approx.: 29x17mm
recommendation: max. charging current 2,5A with 5mV delta peak

Source : CS-Electronic

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