HPI – Patrick AC-DC Charger-Discharger Detail



AC-DC charger that was born by tie-up of competition brand and match moa company “PATRICK”.
Input..power supply..domestic use..selection..enable..a variety of..situation..correspondence.It can charge certain by the charge cutting with adoption and delta peak/temperature sensor of the switching linear charge Niccad/nickel metal hydride battery cheap.


6A or less can be Discharged in a compact body.


As for Ni-cd and Ni-MH, an of course charge with the thing and the Li-Po
battery is possible.


  • Size: 140mm×150mm×67mm
  • Number of cells that can be charged: 1-14 cell(Ni-CD/Ni-MH)
  • 1-6 cell(Li-Po)
  • Charging current: 0.1A-6A
  • Discharge current: 0.1A-6A
  • Input voltage: AC100V-AC110V or AC200V-AC240V,DC9V-DC15V

Docking Station – Option



#30500 Docking station only for PATRICK AC-DC charger. Connector for ultra 2PIN connector, connector for transmitter, and receiver power supply, connector for plug booster, and general-purpose output connector equipment.
– It cannot use more than two connectors simultaneously.
– The main body is not included.

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