Schmacher – Mi3 Touring Car 5 cell Spec D Update


The company is Schumacher Racing Cars in 2007 with the new MI-3 again connection to the competition scene.
The innovative design impressed by the quality and variety of settings. The verlußtarme drive is a safe basis for all classes of stock racer. For a variety of settings are no more tuning parts necessary, as example The adjustment of the arms easily and quickly via spacers.

Schumacher improves the MI-3, and continue with the K0073 Spec.D a special version for the German market. This includes the new 5-cell Chassi EURO 2008, and the new Topdeck EURO 2008.
This eliminates the retrofitting of the new DMC classes. In addition, the new Chassi improve, in conjunction with the upper deck handling enormous. The MI-3 is now even more accurate and safer driving.



● new 2.0 mm 5-2008 Chassis
● new Euro 2008 Topdeck
● fully adjustable suspension geometry
● efficient drive with Kevlar belts
● precision CNC Kardanaufnahmen
● Extender to adjust the belt tension
● faster Diff Exchange by 2 screws
● Symetric Chassis-building
● 3mm damper bridges standard
● differentials with ceramic balls
● serienmäßi spool forward
● completely customizable Anlekung with Ackermann effect
● low arrangement of the stabilizers
● easy handling

Technical data:
Drive: electric
Model-Type: 4WD, ON-ROAD, competition
Length: 300mm
Width: 180-190mm
Speed over 55km / h

Source : CS-Electronics

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