Tamiya Japan – Toyota Hilux High-Lift




Available Mar 15, 2008


Driving mechanism of shaft drive 4WD that adopts the ladder frame of a real similar car, and installs three velocity transmission of the assembly type to be able to enjoy the gear change under running is adopted. The battery for the RC mechanism and running etc. were set in 1/10RC car and a high Toyota Hilux High-lift from which the body was finished up in enough scale feeling. In addition, pickup truck multi function unit MFC-02 adhering that controls sound, light, and body vibration. Attention is an electronic clutch in various functions. It can enjoy the clutch work of a real similar car by the stick operation besides the throttle operation. It is also possible to make it run while slowly putting the traction with a half clutch, and to tie the clutch quickly with the engine rotational speed raised, and to start rapidly. An ultimate actually feeling was produced sticking to even the operation feeling.




Front view
It can enjoy lighting by setting LED for the headlight, the winker, and the side marker. The emblem prepares the Inn let mark with feeling of quality.


Five ream loading light
Rordoramp of five reams can be installed in the roll bar of the plating finish. Of course, it can be lit by building in LED.


Front guard & fog lamp
The fog lamp with which the front guard is equipped chooses the state to obtain the light cover and the removed state and is assembled.


Plating wheel of real design
Five spoke type of three pieces that can be called the standard of the 4WD wheel is imaged. It is plating of a chic cancer metallic color finish.


The scale impression 2 Honde it does to under the rear view rear bumper which overflows, the muffler part conversion. The muffler end is the metal make. Furthermore, the turn signal and back light, you set also the one for brake lamp LED.


Marking for the board prepares three kinds.
The surf board of a long type (one piece) also sets it. The sticker for three kinds of
marking has adhered, too.

4WD overflowing profound feeling chassis that multiuses metallic parts 


Metallic reef spring
The reef spring that actually feels and overflows is composed of five blade springs, and
the setting by the combination is possible.


Adopting the metal make diff. gear whose diff. case strength is high. Furthermore, also the diff-lock is possible. Rough road running the whole distance characteristic is raised.


3 speed transmission
It was able to enjoy the gear change under running, and the slippers clutch that protected the gear was equipped normally with three velocity transmission that valued a low-speed running.

Specification :

  •  Total length 508mm, full-width 216mm, total height 270mm and gross load approximately 4kg
  •  motor = RS540 type
  •  drive system = vertical ranging motor shaft drive 4WD
  •  diff. gear system F/R = 3 bevel diff.
  •  damper = front and back friction
  •  gear ratio = low/row 1: 64.39 seconds 1: 35.20 Top 1: 21.14
  •  Pickup track/truck multiple function unit MFC-02 attachment

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Source : Tamiya Japan

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  1. Waz says:

    I need to know if there is any way to use a Spectrum DX3 pistol radio or a DX6 stick radio with a Tamiya F350 high lift. If there isn’t any way to get it to shift with either radio, is there a way to put it in low gear of 2nd gear and just leave it there. I want to use this truck for Scaler crawling. I already have a Super class clod based crawler and I run 2 Noval Goat ESC’s with the brushless novak motors and I also have a Axial AX10 with rear dig and a tuber frame. But I would really like to be able to use one of my Soectrum radio’s I already have. If I can’t I will be forced to sell the high lift. Any info you can give me would be most appreciated, sincerely, Waz Kanner

  2. hola mi correo es scorpions_1994@hotmail.com quiero comprarme un hilux tamiya pero no se como me pongo al tanto con usted

  3. Pollo says:

    Hola quisiera saber en Miami, donde puedo comprar la Toyota Hilux de Tamiya,

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