Niclas Nilsson wins R7 of Middel Swedish Cup


Young Serpent team driver Niclas Nilsson was in action again last weekend with his S400 for the seventh round of the Middel Swedish Cup where he took another win.

A leading force in the Swedish EP Touring Car scene, Nilsson and his S400 had the pace throughout the event winning all legs of Mains to take overall victory over Kenneth Malksson and Niklas Filnk.


Overall Results

1. Niclas Nilsson (Serpent S400)
2. Kenneth Malksson
3. Niklas Filnk
4. Lars Hägerman
5. Daniel Trygg
6. David Larsson
7. Sellan Rask
8. Magnus Hedqvist
9. Mikael Hedin
10.Filip Reuterberg (Serpent S400)

Source : Serpent

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