Xenon – VSS Stock 23T Series


VSS stock 23T, Series..now on sale.

It is the latest spec of the Zeno stock motor series to get high reputation.
It is a new spec put together on the new JMRCA regulation at current year.
All Motor can, the end bell, the brush, and the rotor are reviewed, and use corresponding to
five cells.
It is a sale of four types in total by each of two types as for the rotor and the brush.

* VSS stock 23T (response)
* VSS stock 23T (response) Saga micah Bonn silver brush
* VSS stock 23T (top speed)
* VSS stock 23T (top speed) Saga micah Bonn silver brush


サガミカーボン銀ブラシ  Saga micah Bonn silver brush
Source : Xenon Racing

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