Schumacher – CAT SX



Here we have more information on the new CAT SX Competition 4WD Off-Roader that we announced at the recent Nurnberg Toy Fair.

You can now see some of the exceptional details the Schumacher designers have been working on for this new innovative car.

We hope the car will be available for early summer. The large amount of testing that has taken place, shows it will be well worth the wait!!!

We hope to release further body off pictures next week, but for now click on the thumbnails below to view larger images.

Please be aware these are prototype shots and some details are subject to change.

The car will be launched in two formats to enable the customer to choose which battery type they prefer, 4×2 NiMh or Lipo.

  • K078 – CAT SX 4WD Off-Road (4×2 NiMh)
  • K079 – CAT SX 4WD Off-Road (Lipo)


Source : Schumacher

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