Tamiya Japan – 2008 April New Product


58405 – Toyota Land Cruiser 40

Available Apr 26, 2008

  •  The electromotive RC car where it crawls the section of the rocks keeps climbing slowly and, lock crawling can enjoy is appearance.
  •   Reality freeboard and adopting the new chassis CR-01 which equips the stabilizer equipped 4 link suspension which takes stroke fully for the rudder frame which overflows.
  •   In shaft 4WD of diff-lock specification, also the tire and the wheel made private new type.



58402 – Nissan Fairlady Z Version NISMO (TT-01 Type-E Chassis)

Available : Mar 29, 2008

  •  A top grade of fair lady Z to whom NISMO did the tune is appearance with an electric RC car.
  •  A dauntless form that pursues aerodynamic is reproduced by the polycarbonate in the round.
  •  TT-01 chassis TYPE-E of shaft 4WD composed of the bathtub frame and the upper deck is adopted.
  •  It can enjoy lighting by setting high luminance LED of two headlight lights and two rear light lights.


Available : Mar 29, 2008

  •  The high performance the off load chassis of 2 belt drive 4WD adoption where running gathers topic, DB01 2nd feature is appearance.
  •  The body which chassis width lastly was held down black to main graphics of the blue and the cockpit of the lead-lead spirit you produce.
  •  The power train where the reliability which full it covers drive system is high and the underside whose setting width is wide are charm.


49490 – Mitsubishi Pajero Metal Top Wide (1/100)

Available : Apr 26, 2008

  •  RC to say nothing of a real car limited resells Mitsubishi Shogun that collects high popularity.
  •  The body with which the scale feeling overflows is made of the acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resin.
  •  4WD system near the composition of a real car equipped with the motor in Frontomidoshipp is adopted.
  •  The chassis is a monocoque type of the ladder frame style. It equipped it with the underside of the reception desk double wishbone and Riya four-link RIDGID.


57774 – 1/10 XB Neo Falcon

Available : Apr 26, 2008

  •  XB is appearance. the neo-falcon of baggy 2WDThe form is a charm. ..
  •  Sharp in which the edge was effective
  •  The chassis adopts DT-02 of rear-wheel-drive.
  •  It can enjoy a light running by installing TEU-101BK.


57060 – Toyota Hilux High-Lift Complete Kit

Available : Mar 15, 2008

Others April 2008 New Item

  • TT-01 Type-E A part (Upright) 1 Group
  • TT-01 Type-E D Part (Upper Deck) set
  • NISSAN Fairlady Z Version NISMO Spare Body Set
  • 2 Toyota Land Cruiser – 40 Wheels (Offset 0)
  • CR-01 Vise Crawler Tire
  • CR-01 Planetary Gear Set
  • CR-01 Bevel Gear Set
  • CR-01 Propeller Shaft
  • CR-01 D Part (Upright)
  • CR-01 F Part (Bumper)
  • CR-01 J Part (Hub Carrier)
  • POWERCHAMP RC (8 PCS) 55100.jpg
  • TT-01 Type-E Full Bearing Set
  • TT-01 Aluminum Propeller Joint & Shaft Set
  • CR-01 Setting Spring Set
  • CR-01 Setting Stablilizer Set
  • 8991 – PS Green Alumite 89911.gif

Source : Tamiya

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