Tamiya Japan – Cayenne S Transsyberia 2007




Available : Mar 22, 2008

It is super-SUV of Porsche that fights as for a severe rally.

It is an electric radio control car assembly kit of Porsche cayenne S transformer Siberia 2007 developed to leave Moscow and to enter severe rally and transformer Siberia 2007 of the mileage 6200km that capital Ulan Bator in Mongolia becomes a goal via Siberia and Gobi. The body of Porsche cayenne S is reproduced by the polycarbonate in the round. The snorkel tube, the roof lamp, and Riyauing are prepared with another parts and the detail is tightened.


Shaft drive 4WD chassis that doesn’t choose the running place is adopted.

The chassis adopts shaft drive 4WD with high reliability. Defgiya is built into the sealing up type gearbox in the back and forth, and a smooth cornering is invented. Moreover, the suspension is four-wheel double wishbone. It equipped it with an excellent oil damper in the shock absorption. The midair rubber tire for which the tread pattern is carved is installed in the wheel of the slit spoke design similar to a real car. The place that runs from the on-road to the off-road is not chosen together with the control characteristic that treats easily. In addition, it can enjoy the performance improvement by building in optional option parts.


Specification : 

  • – Total length 472mm
  • – full-width 204mm
  • – total height 190mm
  • – drive system = shaft drive 4WD
  • – suspension = 4 wheel double wishbone
  • – tire width/diameter = front and back 33/90mm
  • – diff. gear system = front and back 3 bevel diff.
  • – 540 type motor attachments

Source : Tamiya

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