Tamiya Japan – German Panther Type G – Late Version




Reality controlling the body which overflows with RC

It is an electric radio control tank assembly kit of 1/35 scales that models an active Panther G type as a leading tank of a German army of the World War II end. In the upper part of the body and the turret, precise reproduction is the one of 1/35 military miniature series of the charm. It is the enjoyment to camouflage painting etc. spirited of the arm. The lower side of the body and the trank roller, etc. the exclusive use design for RC. The gear box for running has been assembled, and the gear box for a turn around the turret and an upper and lower barrel is an all-in-one design and installing is also easy. A super-Shinti turn, a turn around the turret, and an upper and lower barrel can be controlled from the back and forth Susumu and right and left turn of Shinti. 4ch transmitter “Act com” of the attachment is a compact button type operated easily. If six bands of the FM27MHz belt are prepared, and Crystal is different, running simultaneously by six is also possible. It is a full set to which the RC mechanism adheres, too.


7.5cm tank guns of 70 length barrel calibers are 7 degrees, and movable . of
eight degrees below up.


360 degrees every about 25 seconds are rotated around the turret. A lower knob in three places of the turret comes off when the outer ring in the gear box engages, and impossible power is applied the knob and prevents the gear being damaged.


All-in-one design gear box for turn around turret and upper and lower barrel. The ring of outer rotates, the turret turns, a metallic shaft at the gear box center is moved up and down, and the barrel is moved.


Gear box for running where seeing of ..building in.. Zmi of small motor is compact. It set compared with the gear at 1:90, an enough torque was invented, and a profound feeling achieved the overflowing running.


Wide caterpillars are connected by the combustion stop processing by using the
resin that is strong and doesn’t cut easily


Four AAA type alkaline batteries are used for running. The battery exchange is
also easy according to the hatch on the other side of the body.



About German tank Panther G latter term type

It is V title tank Panther because it surpasses the tank in T34 of the Soviet Union that assumed all German tanks to be old-fashioned by the Germany So war of World War II that Germany developed in full scale. It appears in the battlefield in 1943. The gasoline engine of 12 my Bach HL230P30 4 stroke V type cylinders of 700 horsepower is installed in the body of an excellent phylactic power by the inclination armor and 55 km/h in maximum speed in the road is demonstrated. It equipped it with 7.5cm tank gun of 70 length barrel calibers with accomplishment power not inferior to 8.8cm of Tiger I as a main armament. G type called a compilation especially improves D type and A type till then and begins mass-producing in March, 1944. Moreover, the improvement that took the combat lesson in the latter half of 1944 was done, too the lower side was installed to prevent Totama, and the heater unit for the room was installed on the exhaust tube with the square, Fsetate, and the putting out device and the engine grills. The production of Panther G types is continued until April, 1945 when the factory was occupied by Allied Forces, and 2,953 is completed. It kept fighting as a German army leading tank of the great war end until the day of the end of the war.

Specification :

  • Length : 257mm
  • Width : 94mm
  • Weight : 325g

Source : Tamiya Japan

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  1. CrazyPanzer! says:

    Hi! I am CrazyPanzer a skilled tank modeller wich due to many Tamya 1/35 builted tanks, i want now to make radio controlled ones and I have some quuestions about this stuff
    About 2 days ago i saw this 1/16 Panther radio controlled model in a model shop. It was a very big box and was for selling.I might have in Cristmas but i want to know more about this model.
    About experience i´ve made in 1/35 tanks like- king tiger,phanter,JS-II ,jagtiger and many many others.
    Here are my questions:

    1- Whats is it price?Is it about what? 500-200 or less?

    2-Is it very difficult to build?Whats the dificult part of the construction?

    3-Does it has very pieces to build like a puzzle?Do I have all the things to make it work or I have buy those separated?

    4-When building, do I need some especial atention?

    Reply to me dude, Im crazy for that model!

  2. deny says:

    Like real yes, how much …?

  3. To RC Easy .

    Hi. My name is Wilfredo Matos. I am to inform you about a project that I am building. I know you receive thousands of emails from other modelers. But I am a different kind of modeler. I build my own models from scratch. I am building from scratch a Panzerkampfwagen VI. Also known as the Tiger 1.

    You can see the photos at http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=1%2F35+metal+tank
    and see the videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/matostruck

    I believe this would be a great article for your magazine. I am not looking for publicity. I was published in ROADKING magazine. For the quarter scale 18 wheeler that I built from scratch also. Read the story at http://www.roadking.com/story.php?id=311 and in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Read it at http://www.philly.com/inquirer/magazine/30996009.html

    This 1/35 tank is all metal.No kits. Except for the tracks, drive sprockets and the Bosch light. Everything else is hand made. I hope this can be of some help to your magazine.

    Sincerely, MATOSTRUCKS

    PS. Also it would be a great idea to publish a book about this.

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