Proline – Badlands M3 2.2


Badlands 2.2 fits 2.2

For all you 2.2” 1:10 truck tire fans the wait is over for an all-terrain aggressive tire. Pro-Line is proud to announce the release of the 2.2” Badlands.

The Badlands tire offers motocross style tread for 2.2” owners. It is made strictly for the MX’er in you. Its oversized grass and dirt shredding lugs offer you the ultimate in performance under all-terrain conditions.

The lugs are designed to ensure longevity while digging up the surface below. Made from super-soft yet durable M2 compound and ultra-soft M3 compund, the Badlands tire is poised for battle and ready to take your 1:10 truck to the next level.

Conquering the badlands and beyond, that’s Pro-Line’s new Badlands 2.2” Tire.

Features :
· Super-Aggressive all-terrain tread
· Large lugs provide hours of run time
· Complete with foam inserts
· Made from super-soft M2 & ultra-soft M3 compound



Source : Proline

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