Proline – Rock Crawling Memory Foam


Memory Foam (soft) fits 2.2 oversized tires

With the continued success of the rock crawling market and a growing need for more aftermarket accessories, Pro-Line announces a true performance upgrade for all 2.2” rock crawling tires – introducing soft Memory Foam.

Memory foam has several distinct advantages over standard foam inserts. First, it allows the tire to flex more over obstacles. This allows your tire to work more efficiently and effectively. This also helps to maintain a more level chassis by absorbing these obstacles. Second, because there’s more tire flex it also provides more tread on the ground giving more contact patch. The more contact patch the greater the traction you’ll have and the easier it will be to clear tough obstacles. Lastly, the foam does not bounce back and this promotes a more stable crawler. Standard foams spring back right away where memory foam maintains a compressed shape longer making wheel hop less likely.

When you’re looking to upgrade your 2.2” 1:10 crawler, then check out Pro-Line new Memory Foam. Fits 2.2″ oversized tires; 1074 Masher, 1120 MOAB, 1144 Badlands, and 1145 Hammer.

Features :
· Allows for great tire flex
· Added stability for crawlers
· More tire contact patch
· Less bounce action to your crawler




Check out the Standard Foam vs. Memory Foam comparison video – Click Here

Source : Proline

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