2008 Norwegian Indoor National Championship


Race report by Helge Johannessen
Date: March 8–9
Venue: Stevneplassen, Skien
â–ª 1:10 Touring Modified
â–ª 1:10 Touring 19T Spec
â–ª 1/12 Pancar
â–ª Tamiya M-chassis support class


Finally the National Championship was here and over 90 drivers entered this weekend in the different classes. Classes included Modified, 19T Spec, and 1/12 pancar. Racing was a round-by-round system with best 3 of 5 rounds counting. The track was 600m2 with extremely high grip. The layout looked really bad, but after a practice round, the rhythm of the track felt really good.

Since I entered both Modified and 1/12 pancar, my good friend Georg Ellingsen helped me by being my mechanic in the 1/12 pancar class.

Modified Finals:
I got a clean start in all three finals with Adrian behind me. But the excitement was left out since Adrian hit a curb in all three finals, and gave me the gap I needed to take the Championship home. Adrian finished 2nd and Rune Karlsen finished 3rd. The only change I made was the final drive ratio in the last final. Someone was measuring the top speed on the straight so I just had to do it. I went from 10.80 to 9.80 and was measured in 72 km/h, which was the highest speed on the straight.

Results Modified:
1. Helge Johannessen – XRAY T2’008 (TQ)
2. Adrian Berntsen – XRAY T2’008
3. Rune Karlsen
4. Roger Berntsen – XRAY T2’008
5. Petter Solvberg
6. Kjell Gunnar Guttormsen
7. Goran Langsholt
8. Truls Solberg
9. Christer Antonsen
10. Petter Berntsen – XRAY T2’008

Winner B final: Robin S. Nordlie – XRAY T2’008.


19T Spec Finals:
Anders Theodorsen sat all night after qualifying, changing setup and making the drivetrain smooth, trying to close the gap to Markus Alvestad. And he did the job well. It was a completely different car in the finals than in the qualifying. Anders won all three finals after battling with Markus. Kjell Gunnar Guttormsen finished 3rd.

Results 19T Spec:
1. Anders Theodorsen – XRAY T2’008
2. Markus Alvestad
3. Kjell Gunnar Guttormsen
4. Lars A. Andersen – XRAY T2’008
5. Jans Kristian Kier Hovik
6. Brede Isaksen – XRAY T2’008
7. Kjell Nilsen
8. Jarle V. Karlsen – XRAY T2’008
9. Andreas Bull Freng – XRAY T2’008
10. Leif Tore Stensrod


Full Report and Detail at XRAY 

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